American layout for Windows

Edward Stratford

I modified the German layout to produce something quite close to an American layout.  The assignments as printed on an American keyboard all apply with the exception of the Grave accent key (far upper left) and the + key which retain the assignments fo the German layout posted at the Hethitische Portal.

This layout was created with Microsoft keyboard Layout Generator on a Windows XP Service Pack 2 Machine.

As a result the = and plus sign are obtained by the combination of [LEFT ALT]+ [=] for '=', and [LEFT ALT] + [+] for '+', and [LEFT ALT] + [`] for ~ (as in the German Layout).  The grave accent is obtained (as in the German layout) though [LEFT ALT]+[g], [SPACE].

Other adjustments obtain as well, the [, {, ], } characters in the German layout that are the result of [LEFT ALT] combinations and keys in the number row are gone.

The following other adjustments apply:

[LEFT ALT] + q = §  (the Section sign)  (U+00A7) . 

I have tried it out on my computer and it seems to work.  All the instructions for the installation of the keyboard posted with the font and associated keyboards apply.

Hope that helps!


Edward Stratford