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Ancient Anatolia: Ancient Anatolia. Fifty Years’ Work by the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara
Ancient Magic and Ritual Power: Ancient Magic and Ritual Power
Ancient Near Eastern Law: A History of Ancient Near Eastern Law HdO I/72
Ancient Art in Seals: Ancient Art in Seals
Ancient Egypt: Ancient Egypt
Ancient Indo-European Dialects: Ancient Indo-European Dialects. Proceedings of the Conference on Indo-European Linguistics held at the University of California, Los Angeles, April 25-27,1963
Ancient Peoples and Places: Ancient Peoples and Places
Ancient Egyptian Chronology: Ancient Egyptian Chronology HdO I/83
Ancient Mining: Ancient Mining in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean
Ancient Libraries in Anatolia: Ancient Libraries in Anatolia
Ancient Taxation: Ancient Taxation. The Mechanics of Extraction in Comparative Perspective

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