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Bianconi M. 2015a: Contatti greco-anatolici e Sprachbund egeo-micrasiatico AGI 100/2 129-178
Bianconi M. 2021a: Linguistic and Cultural Interactions between Greece and Anatolia. In Search of the Golden Fleece CHANE 122
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Bianconi M. 2021c: "There and Back Again": A Hundred Years of Graeco-Anatolian Comparative Studies Bianconi M. 2021a 8-39
Bianconi M. et al. 2022a: Ancient Indo-European Languages between Linguistics and Philology. Contact, Variation, and Reconstruction Brill's Studies in Historical Linguistics 18
Bianconi M. 2022a: Divine Witnesses in Greece and Anatolia: Iliad 3.276–280 between Contact, Variation, and Reconstruction Bianconi M. et al. 2022a 11-47
Bianconi M. 2020a: The linguistic relationships between Greek and the Anatolian languages Journal of Greek Linguistics 20 133–145
Bianconi M. 2020b: The etymology of Gerga and the Carian word for ‘white’ HS 133 27-42
Bianconi M. 2023a: Homo homini lupus: Anatolian Echoes of Indo-European Ideology Massetti L. 2023a 26-52
Bianconi M. 2020c: Some thoughts on Anatolian lexicon in Mycenaean Greek Loanwords and Substrata 63-88

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