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Greaves A.M. 2013a: Divine Things: The Ivories from the Artemision and the Luwian Identity of Ephesos Luwian Identities 509-542
Greaves A.M. 2011a: The Greeks in Western Anatolia Oxford Handbook of Ancient Anatolia 500-514
Greaves A.M. − Helwing B. 2003a: Archaeology in Turkey: The Stone, Bronze & Iron Ages, 2001 TÜBA-AR 6 125-157 (Bronze Age, S. 135-146)
Greaves A.M. − Helwing B. 2004a: Archeology in Turkey: the Stone, Bronze & Iron Ages, 2002 / Turkiye´de Arkeoloji: Taş, Tunç & Demir Çaglar 2002 TÜBA-AR 7 225-250
Greaves A.M. 2015a: John Garstang's Footsteps Across Anatolia / Anadolu'da John Garstang'in Ayak İzleri
Greaves A.M. − Rutland F. 2015a: Garstang's Anatolia Survey and the Land of the Hittites Greaves A.M. 2015a 33-43

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