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Andrea Intilia, Alvise Matessi & Marco De Pietri


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AHR: American Historical Review
Ahrens A. 2014a: Rev. of: Killebrew A.E. − Lehmann G. 2013a AJA 118/4 www.ajaonline.org/online-review-book/1869
Ahrens A. 2014b: Rev. of: Seeher J. 2011d JNES 73 117-119
Ahrens A. − Manuelli F. 2017a: Observations on John Garstang’s Excavations at Kazanlı Höyük (Cilicia) in 1937 AoF 44/2 187-200
Ahrens A. 2014c: John Garstang at Sirkeli Höyük, Cilician Plain, in 1936-1937. Old Photographs and New Evidence from the Renewed Excavations Anatolica 40 47-60

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