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Andrea Intilia, Alvise Matessi & Marco De Pietri


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Kim R.I. 2018a: One hundred years of re-reconstruction: Hittite, Tocharian, and the continuing revision of Proto-Indo-European Rieken E. − Geupel U. − Roth Th.M. 2018a 157-177
Kim R.I. 2012b: The Indo-European, Anatolian, and Tocharian "Secondary" Cases in Typological Perspective Fs Nussbaum 121-142
Kim R.I. 2019a: The 2pl. Middle Ending in Proto-Indo-European Fs Poetto 295-314
Kim R.I. 2019b: Diachronic Perspectives on Suppletion
Kim R.I. 2014a: A Tale of Two Suffixes: *-h2-, *-ih2-, and the Evolution of Feminine Gender in Indo-European Neri S. − Schuhmann R. 2014a 115-136

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