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Peled I. 2010a: ‘Amore, more, ore, re…’: Sexual Terminology and Hittite Law Fs Singer 247-260
Peled I. 2010b: Expelling the demon of effeminacy: Anniwiyani’s ritual and the question of homosexuality in Hittite Thought JANER 10 69-81
Peled I. 2010c: The Use of Pleasure, Constraiints of Desire: Anniwiyani’s Ritual and Sexuality in Hittite Magical Ceremonies 7 HitCongr 623-636
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Peled I. 2015b: kula'ūtam epēšum: Gender Ambiguity and Contempt in Mesopotamia JAOS 135-4 751-764
Peled I. 2018c: Identifying Gender Ambiguity in Texts and Artifacts Budin S.L. et al. 2018a 55-63
Peled I. 2019a: Categorization and Hierarchy: Animals and their Relations to Gods, Humans and Things in the Hittite World Mattila R. − Fink S. − Ito S. 2019a 79-93
Peled I. 2018a: Structures of Power - Law and Gender Across the Ancient Near East and Beyond. Papers from the Oriental Institute Seminar Held at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, March 6–7, 2015 PIS 12
Peled I. 2018b: Gender and Sex Crimes in the Ancient Near East: Law and Custom Peled I. 2018a 27-40
Peled I. 2020a: Bestiality in Hittite Thought JANES 34 136-177

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