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Šubartu: Šubartu
Subartu: Subartu
Subartu 39: Proceedings of the 2nd Kültepe International Meeting, Kültepe, 26-30 July 2015, Studies Dedicated to Klaas Veenhof, Kültepe International Meetings 2
Subartu 38: At the Northern Frontier of Near Eastern Archaeology. Recent Research on Caucasia and Anatolia in the Bronze Age. Proceedings of the international Humboldt-Kolleg Venice, January 9th-January 12th, 2013,
Subartu 35: Proceedings of the 1st Kültepe International Meeting. Kültepe, September 19-23, 2013. Studies Dedicated to Kutlu Emre (Kültepe International Meetings 1)
Subartu 37: Emmanuel Laroche, Études anatoliennes

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