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Taggar-Cohen A. 2002a: The EZEN pulaš - "A Hittite Installation Rite of a New Priest" in Light of the Installation of the dIM Priestess in Emar JANER 2 127-159
Taggar-Cohen A. 2002b: The Casting of Lots among the Hittites in Light of Ancient Near Eastern Parallels JANES 29 97-103
Taggar-Cohen A. 2005a: Political Loyalty in the Biblical Account of 1 Samuel XX-XXII in the Light of Hittite Texts Vetus Testamentum 55 251-268
Taggar-Cohen A. 2005b: Violence at the Birth of Religion JISMOR 1 101-116
Taggar-Cohen A. 2006b: The NIN.DINGIR in the Hittite Kingdom: A Mesopotamian priestly office in Hatti? AoF 33 313-327
Taggar-Cohen A. 2006a: Hittite Priesthood Theth 26
Taggar-Cohen A. 2006c: Reflections of Hittite and Emar Practices in the Sinaitic Traditions of Moses Shenaton 115 99-114
Taggar-Cohen A. 2005c: The Assembly at Shechem and the Ancient Hittite Legal Tradition CISMOR Conference on Jewish Studies 2005/1 18-27
Taggar-Cohen A. 2010a: The Prince, the KAR.KID Women and the arzana-house: A Hittite royal festival to the goddess Kataḫḫa (CTH 633) AoF 37 113-131
Taggar-Cohen A. 2011a: The Kingdom of the Hittites: The Least Known Empire of the Second Millennium B.C.E. Hebrew Studies 52 379-396
Taggar-Cohen A. 2013a: Hittite Priesthood – State Administration in the Service of the Gods: Its implications for the Interpretations of Biblical Priesthood BN 156 155-171
Taggar-Cohen A. 2011b: Biblical covenant and Hittite išḫiul reexamined Vetus Testamentum 61 461-488
Taggar-Cohen A. 2019a: Biblical Wisdom Literature and Hittite Didactic Texts in the Ancient Near Eastern Literary Context JISMOR 14 45-64
Taggar-Cohen A. 2019b: Religious Restrictions in the Bible and Hittite Cultures: On Holiness in Both Cultures Taggar-Cohen A. 2019c 27-37
Taggar-Cohen A. 2019c: Judaism in Modern Era. Interpretative Studies of Ancient and Current Texts. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Jewish Studies, Held on August 19th 2018 at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Taggar-Cohen A. 2014a: Concept of the Divine in Hittite Culture and the Hebrew Bible: Expression of the Divine JISMOR 9 29-50
Taggar-Cohen A. 2020a: Ritual as Divine Law: The Case of Hittite Royal Cultic Performance and its Biblical Correspondence Orient 55 13-27
Taggar-Cohen A. 2017a: Subtle Citation, Allusion, and Translation: Evidence in Hittite Texts and Some Biblical Implications Ziony Z. 2017a 54-72

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