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  • = Aro S., Images of the Hittite King, in: HHE 497-601. [Ch. 11; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110661781-012. Abstract: This chapter defines and describes the basic features of the Hittite “decorum” of the royal image, i.e. the existing modes of representing the body of the king. Currently, there is no scholarly consensus concerning many of the central pieces of royal imagery as far as their datings or conclusions made about them are concerned. Viewed through the lens of Bildwissenschaft, it is possible to perceive the hieroglyphic names appearing on royal digraphic seals as another body of the image of the Great King along with the anthropomorphic figures on stone reliefs and in three-dimensional stone statues. Furthermore, this chapter discusses textual and visual sources divided according to a functional but tentative chronological order. In order to find out all possible appearances of these images and define the modes used, it is necessary to include discussions of the more fragmentary and ambiguous pieces of evidence, some of which in earlier research are thought to represent kings, while some have gone hitherto unnoticed.]

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