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Natalia Bolatti-Guzzo

Andrea Intilia, Alvise Matessi & Marco De Pietri


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  • = Burlingame A.R., New Evidence for Ugaritic and Hittite Onomastics and Prosopography at the End of the Late Bronze Age, in: ZA 110/2 196-211. ["In this article, data appearing in recently published Akkadian letters from the House of ʾUrtēnu (Ugarit) are applied to reach solutions to several Ugaritic onomastic and prosopographic problems. The results allow for clearer etymological evaluation of several personal names and a number of plausible prosopographic identifications, including two that are arguably relevant to Hittite prosopography and chronology. They further contribute to ongoing efforts devoted to exploring the relationship between Ḫatti and Ugarit in the final decades of the Late Bronze Age".]

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