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  • = Czyzewska I.S. , How to Pray to Hittite Gods: A Semantic and Contextual Analysis of Hittite Prayer Terminology with the New Editions of Selected Prayers of Muršili II , London . [PhD Thesis, SOAS, University of London. Link: http://eprints.soas.ac.uk/13817. (Abstract: This thesis examines five key terms employed in the colophons and in the main body of Hittite prayers as well as in festival, ritual and oracle texts to describe religious utterances (and rites) and are thus relevant for studying Hittite prayer terminology. These include the verbs arkuwai-, mald-, mugai-, talliya-, walla/i- and wallu- as well as the related nouns arkuwar, malduwar, malteššar, mugawar, mukeššar, talliyawar and walliyatar)]

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