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Andrea Intilia, Alvise Matessi & Marco De Pietri


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  • = De Pietri M., Relationships between Egypt and Karkemish during the 2nd Millennium BC: A Brief Overview, in: Foietta E. et al. 2016a 9-15. [Abstract: "The present paper analyses the mutual influences between Egypt and the city of Karkemish (present Jarabulus) during both the 2nd and the 1st Millennium BC. This Syrian city was indeed an important site located on the Euphrates river, along the border between modern Turkey and Syria and is surely better known for its strong relationship with the Hittite Empire and later for being one of the most culturally flourishing Neo-Hittite states. We would take a look at the historical evidences (coming from both the ancient texts and archaeological clues) that testify the contacts also with the pharaonic State: a “shadow history” which, although hidden but always present (like a qanāt river) crosses the stream of the “great” History".]

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