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Andrea Intilia, Alvise Matessi & Marco De Pietri


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  • = De Pietri M., Messengers and Envoys within Egyptian-Hittite Relationships, in: Coppini C. et al. 2022a 112-126. [Abstract: "Several documents from Egypt and Ḫatti (especially the Amarna letters and the Egyptian-Hittite correspondence) mention envoys and messengers in charge of diplomatic contacts between the two countries. Cuneiform and hieroglyphic transcriptions of Egyptian names at Ugarit hint at an actual presence (in Ugarit and Karkemish) of officials coming from Egypt or, at least, carrying Egyptian names. Furthermore, some Hittite envoys present clear Egyptian names, e.g. Amanmašu, Mizramuwa, and Wašmuarianaḫta. This paper aims at providing an overview of the documentation quoting names of messengers, pinpointing a brief prosopography of these officials, and offering an insight on these functionaries, investigating their role within the ‘Great Powers’ Club’ in connecting Egypt and Ḫatti during the Late Bronze Age".]

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