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  • = Hout Th.P.J. van den, Elites and the Social Stratification of the Ruling Class in the Hittite Kingdom, in: HHE 313-354. [Ch. 7; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110661781-008. Abstract: Over the course of its more than 400 years of recorded history, the Late Bronze Age Hittite kingdom in central Anatolia was largely in the hands of one extended family. Evidence suggests that the elite sought to tightly control their and their family’s hold on power through a mix of nepotism on the one hand and favoritism of not blood-related individuals on the other. This essay tries to identify the elites in Hittite history during the Old and New Kingdoms using witness lists and glyptic material and what the ratio between that nepotism and favoritism was. It analyzes what Hittite visual culture might contribute to the picture of elites and the importance of language and literacy for who belonged to the elite and who didn’t.]

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