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  • = Klinger J., The Hittite Writing Traditions of Cuneiform Documents, in: HHE 93-155. [Ch. 3; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110661781-004. Abstract: The chapter presents the history of Hittite written tradition in Asia Minor and its relationship both to the earlier period of the Old Assyrian trading colonies and to contemporary traditions of writing in the neighbouring Northern Syrian area, with particular emphasis on their historical significance and their impact on Hittite culture. In light of the importance of detailed documentation of archaeological discoveries for the reconstruction of text finds as “archives”, it includes an overview of the history of the excavations at the Hittite capital Hattusa and examines the results of previous attempts at reconstructing Hittite said “archives”, especially in buildings on Büyükkale. An examination of the materiality of the written tradition of the Hittites, its text types and genres as well as writing techniques, addresses the distinguishing characteristics unique to the Hittite textual corpus such as questions as to the transmission of written knowledge or the significant role of multilingualism. The second part of the contribution provides a differentiated and comprehensive outline of the entire known corpus of written sources from the tablet collections arranged by content and formal criteria, highlighting distinctive features setting the Hittite tradition apart from other cuneiform text corpora as well as shedding light on its interrelations with the wider cuneiform tradition. This is supplement with information on important text editions, reference works, standard translations or current research and studies on significant individual topics, with the intention of providing interested readers with an initial introduction and impression of the status quo of philological research on the material at hand, as far as can be achieved within the scope of this type of survey.]

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