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  • = Ortega Balanza M., Propietarios de cuerpos femeninos. Las mujeres en las leyes hititas, in: Historiae 14 49-71. [Abstract: "Hittite laws at 2nd millennium BC were more innovative than their contemporary ones. They overcame: the eye for an eye rule, corporal punishments and death sentences; the central idea is now the compensation, and in the most of cases, they were replaced by fines or payments in kind. The women’s legal status was more advanced too, overcoming their consideration as mere objects, usual in other legal codes. Nevertheless, and because it was a patriarchal society, the inequality and discrimination of women are present in legal articles. They appear especially in questions as: the male property of women bodies in the institution of marriage, the divorce or maternity and sex. Female adultery was one of the cases punished with death penalty"]

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