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  • = Sasseville D., Nouveaux joints relatifs au grand rituel louvite de Kuwattalla et Šilalluḫi, in: ZA 110/1 111-118. ["In his edition of Cuneiform Luwian texts, Starke categorizes the rituals of Kuwattalla into three groups. While the existence of the first two in which Šilalluḫi participates is secured, the third one is highly hypothetical. In this paper, new joins of fragments made by the author are presented, which confirm the recent arguments of Hutter against the third ritual of Starke and bear consequences for the rearrangement of the rituals of the Kuwattalla tradition. Furthermore, it is shown that the various redactions of the Great Ritual were not kept in the same archives at the city of Ḫattuša".]

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