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  • = Ünal A., Hititlerde ve Eski Anadolu Toplumlarında Din, Devlet, Halk ve Eğlence. Müzik, Dans, Spor, Akrobasi, Sirk ve Gladyatör Oyunları/Religion, State, Population Groups and Entertainment Among the Hittites and Ancient Anatolian Societies. Music, Dance, Spots, Acrobacy, Circus and Gladiator Games, Ankara . [338 S.: "This book covers a wide range of topics including music, dance and all kinds of entertainment among the Bronze Age Anatolian societies. Principally, it raises on the basis of philological (Hittite, Akkadian, Hurrian, Luwian) and archaeological evidence. The relations and interdependency between entertainment in term of folklore, and religion and state as swaying power have been investigated for the first time carefully" [Author's abstract]]

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