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  • = Ünal A., Hititçe Türkçe, Türkçe Hititçe Büyük Sözlük. Hattice, Hurrice, Hiyeroglif Luvicesi, Çivi Yazısı Luvicesi ve Palaca Sözlük Listeleriyle Birlikte/Grand Dictionary of Hittite-Turkish, Turkish-Hittite alongside with Word Lists of Hattian, Hurrian, Hieroglyphic and Cuneiform Luwian and Palaic, Ankara . [1003 S.: "This exhaustive dictionary comes up to an urgent need for the Turkish readers from all kinds of levels. The enhanced and enlarged introduction gives an overview on the structure of the Hittite language, its linguistic development, its discovery and decipherment, and scope of themes it covers. The introduction supplies also with the basic information on the stand of lexicographic studies of Hittite [...]. complete coverage of entire Hittite vocabulary, consisting of ca. 12.000 entities. Then, addition of Turkish-Hittite section, which facilitates direct access to the lexical fields of the language. Addition of word lists of other Anatolian languages is certainly another important innovation" [Author's abstract]]

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