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  • = Alaura S., Rediscovery and Reception of the Hittites: An Overview, in: HHE 693-779. [Ch. 14; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110661781-015. Abstract: This chapter presents a concise history of the rediscovery of the Hittites and the making of Hittitology as a mature discipline in the framework of Ancient Near Eastern studies. It retraces the momentous steps of the archaeological investigations in Anatolia and the surrounding regions, together with the interpretations of the relevant written sources from the mid nineteenth century to the present day. The close relationship of Hittite studies to the political, economic, social and cultural events of Ottoman and Republican Turkey and other countries involved is also highlighted. This overview is based both on archaeological, philological, and historical publications and on archival records.]

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