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Kim R. 2000a: 'To drink' in Anatolian, Tocharian, and Proto-Indo-European ZVS 113 151ff.
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Kim R.I. 2019b: Diachronic Perspectives on Suppletion
KIM 3: Integrative Approaches to the Archeology and History of Kültepe-Kaneš. Kültepe, 4-7 August, 2017 Subartu 45
KIM 4: Cultural Exchanges and Current Research at Kültepe and its Surroundings. Kültepe, 1-4 August, 2019 Subartu 46
Kim R.I. 2014a: A Tale of Two Suffixes: *-h2-, *-ih2-, and the Evolution of Feminine Gender in Indo-European Neri S. − Schuhmann R. 2014a 115-136

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