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Singer I. 1993a: A Hittite Signet Ring from Tel Nami Gs Kutscher 189-193
Singer I. 1993b: Amurru e le grandi potenze del tardo bronzo Seminari 1992 17-28
Singer I. 1994a: Ancient Near East Concepts of the Other 19-22
Singer I. 1995a: A Hittite Seal from Megiddo Fs Neve 2 91-93
Singer I. 1995b: "Our God" and "Their God" in the Anitta Text 2HitCongr 343-349
Singer I. 1995c: Borrowing Seals at Emar Seals and Sealing 57-64
Singer I. 1995d: Some Thoughts on Translated and Original Hittite Literature Language and Culture in the Near East 123-128
Singer I. 1995e: The Toponyms Tiwa and Tawa Fs Houwink ten Cate 271-274
Singer I. 1996a: Muwatalli's Prayer to the Assembly of Gods through the Storm-God of Lightning (CTH 381)
Singer I. 1996b: Great Kings of Tarhuntašša SMEA 38 63-71
Singer I. 1997a: Rev. of: Religionsgeschichtliche Beziehungen JAOS 117 604-605
Singer I. 1997b: Rev. of: Monte G.F. del 1992a JAOS 117 733-734
Singer I. 1997c: Rev. of: Hout Th.P.J. van den 1995c BiOr 54 416-423
Singer I. 1998a: From Hattuša to Tarhuntašša: Some Thoughts on Muwatalli's Reign 3HitCongr 535-541
Singer I. 1998b: The Mayor of Hattuša and His Duties Capital Cities 169-176
Singer I. 1999a: The Head of the MUBARRÛ-men on Hittite Seals ArOr 67 649-653
Singer I. 1999b: A Political History of Ugarit Handbook of Ugaritic Studies 603-733
Singer I. 2000a: Appendix 1: The Hittite Seal Impressions Emar Tablets 81-89
Singer I. 2000b: A New Hittite Letter from Emar CRRAI 44/2 65-72
Singer I. 2000c: Rev. of: Klengel H. 1999a BiOr 57 635-643
Singer I. 2000d: Semitic dagān and Indo-European *dhhom: Related Words? Gs Carter 221-232
Singer I. 2000e: Cuneiform, Linear, Alphabetic: The Contest between Writing Systems in the Eastern Mediterranean Mediterranean Cultural Interaction 23ff.
Singer I. 2000f: Treaties: The Treaties between Hatti and Amurru Context of Scripture 2 93ff.
Singer I. 2000g: New Evidence on the End of the Hittite Empire Sea Peoples 21-34
Singer I. 2001a: The Treaties between Karkamiš and Hatti 4HitCongr 635-641
Singer I. 2001b: The Fate of Hattusa during the Period of Tarhuntassa's Supremacy Fs Haas 395-403
Singer I. 2001c: Rev. of: Hoffner H.A. 1997a JNES 60 286-289
Singer I. 2002a: Kantuzili the Priest and the Birth of Hittite Personal Prayer Fs Popko 301-313
Singer I. 2002b: La Siria dopo Battaglia di Qadesh Battaglia di Qadesh 198ff.
Singer I. 2002c: Hittite Prayers SBL Writings from the Ancient World 11
Singer I. 2002d: Danuḫepa and Kurunta Gs Imparati 739-751
Singer I. 2002e: The Cold Lake and Its Great Rock Fs Giorgadze 128-132
Singer I. 2002f: [On a Hittite Burial] Gs Kempinski *47-*58
Singer I. 2003a: The Great Scribe Taki-Šarruma Fs Hoffner 341-348
Singer I. 2004a: The Kuruštama Treaty Revisited Gs Forrer 591-607
Singer I. 2004b: Questioning Divine Justice in Hittite Prayers Offizielle Religion 413-432
Singer I. 2005a: Sin and Punishment in Hittite Prayers Fs Klein 557-567
Singer I. 2005b: Piḫaššaš(š)i- RlA 10 559-561
Singer I. 2005c: On Luwians and Hittites BiOr 62 430-431
Singer I. 1973a: Geographical Aspects of the Proto-Hattian Problem Dissertation
Singer I. 1975a: Hittite ḫilammar and Hieroglyphic Luwian *ḫilana ZA 65 69-103
Singer I. 1977a: A Hittite Hieroglyphic Seal Impression from Tel Aphek Tel Aviv 4 178-190
Singer I. 1978a: The Hittite KI.LAM Festival Dissertation
Singer I. 1980a: Three Hittite Seals Tel Aviv 7 169-172
Singer I. 1981a: Hittites and Hattians in Anatolia at the Beginning of the Second Millennium B.C. JIES 9 119-134
Singer I. 1983-1984a: The Hittite KI.LAM Festival StBoT 27-28
Singer I. 1983a: Western Anatolia in the Thirteenth Century B.C. According to the Hittite Sources AnSt 13 206-217
Singer I. 1983b: Takuḫlinu and Ḫaya: Two Governors in the Ugarit Letter from Tel Aphek Tel Aviv 10 3-25
Singer I. 1984a: The AGRIG in the Hittite Texts AnSt 34 97-127
Singer I. 1985a: The Battle of Niḫriya and the End of the Hittite Empire ZA 75 100-123
Singer I. 1986a: The ḫuwaši of the Storm God in Ḫattuša 9TTKongr 245-253
Singer I. 1986b: [The Settlement of the Sea Peoples in the Shores of Canaan] 9CongrJewStud 1-6
Singer I. 1987a: Dating the End of the Hittite Empire Hethitica 8 413-421
Singer I. 1987b: Oil in Anatolia according to Hittite Texts Olive Oil in Antiquity 183-186
Singer I. 1988a: Megiddo Mentioned in a Letter from Boğazköy Fs Otten 2 327-332
Singer I. 1990a: Hittite Inscription 3. Fragment of a Royal Hittite bulla Aphek in Canaan
Singer I. 1991a: A Concise History of Amurru Izre'el Sh. 1991a 134-195
Singer I. 1991b: The 'Land of Amurru' and the 'Lands of Amurru' in the Šaušgamuwa Treaty Iraq 53 69-74
Singer I. 1991c: The Title 'Great Princess' in the Hittite Empire UF 23 327-338
Singer I. 1992a: Hittite Cultural influence in the Kingdom of Amurru CRRAI 38 231-234
Singer I. 2003b: Two Hittite Ring Seals from Tell el-Far’ah (South) Fs Tadmor 133ff.
Singer I. 2006a: The Urḫi-Teššub affair in the Hittite-Egyptian Correspondence Symposium de Roos 27-38
Singer I. 2006b: Ships Bound for Lukka: A New Interpretation of the Companion Letters RS 94.2530 and RS 94.2523 AoF 33 242-262
Singer I. 2005d: The 100th Anniversary of Knudtzon's Identification of Hittite as an Indo-European Language 5HitCongr 651-660
Singer I. 2007a: The Origins of the “Canaanite” Myth of Elkunirša and Ašertu Reconsidered Fs Košak 631-642
Singer I. 2007b: Two Hittite Ring Seals from Southern Canaan Fs Dinçol-Dinçol 727-729
Singer I. 2008a: A Hittite-Assyrian Diplomatic Exchange in the Late 13th Century BC 6HitCongr2 713-720
Singer I. 2008b: Purple-Dyers in Lazpa Anatolian Interfaces 21-43
Singer I. 2009a: “In Hattuša The Royal House Declined” – Royal Mortuary Cult in 13th Century Hatti Central-North Anatolia 169-191
Singer I. 2007c: Who Were the Kaška? Phasis 10 166-178
Singer I. 2008c: KBo 28.61-64 and the Struggle over the Throne of Babylon at the Turn of the 13th Century BCE CDOG 6 223-245
Singer I. 2008d: On Siege Warfare in Hittite Texts Fs Eph‘al 250-265
Singer I. 2009b: Who were the Kaška?, CNES 13 246-264
Singer I. 2006c: The failed reforms of Akhenaten and Muwatalli BMSAES 6 37-58
Singer I. 2010a: A new fragment of the DUMU(.LUGAL) ritual(s) Fs Wilhelm 329-334
Singer I. 2010b: A Lost Seal of Talmi-Tešub Fs Hawkins 230-233
Singer I. 2010c: Maḫḫaza, King of Amurru Gs Neu 271-277
Singer I. 2011a: Schiffe nach Lukka: Eine Deutung des Briefpaares RS 94.2530 und RS 94.2523 Der Orient und die Anfänge Europas 49-72
Singer I. 2011b: The historical context of two Tell Nebi Mend/Qadeš letters KASKAL 8 161-175
Singer I. 2011c: The Calm before the Storm. Selected Writings of Itamar Singer on the End of the Late Bronze Age in Anatolia and the Levant SBL Suppl. 1
Singer I. 2012a: The Philistines in the North and the Kingdom of Taita AOAT 392 451-471
Singer I. 2009c: Hahittim Vetarbutam (The Hittites and their civilization) The Biblical Encyclopaedia Library 26
Singer I. 2013b: Between scepticism and credulity: In defence of Hittite historiography, Diversity and Standardization 173-213
Singer I. 2013a: The Philistines in the Bible: A Short Rejoinder to a New Perspective Philistines 19-27
Singer I. 2013c: Two Notes on the Sea Links between Egypt and the Hittite Empire Fs Freu 165-168
Singer I. 1994b: Egyptians, Canaanites, and Philistines in the Period of the Emergence of Israel From Nomadism to Monarchy 282-338
Singer I. 2002g: A Hittite Seal from Megiddo Hopkins D.C. 2002a 145-147
Singer I. 2011d: Ahhiyawans Bearing Gifts Singer I. 2011c 459-466
Singer I. 2013d: Hittite Gods in Egyptian Attire: A Case Study in Cultural Transmission Fs Machinist 433-457
Singer I. 2006d: The Hittites and the Bible Revisited FsMazar 723-756
Singer I. 2000h: Hittite Letter from the King of Carchemish Goodnick Westenholz J. 2000a 78-80, Taf. LXXIV
Singer I. 2014a: The Distinctiveness of the Historical Introductions of Hittite State Treaties, 8HitCongr 896-921
Singer I. − Gestoso Singer G. 2014a: Alašian products in Hittite sources Gs Vargyas 317-336
Singer I. 2010d: Maḫḫaza, King of Amurru Hethitica 16 175-180
Singer I. 2017a: Alalaḫ/Mukiš under Hittite Rule and Thereafter Fs Yener 614-633
Singer I. 2013e: Tanrılara Yakarmak / Pleading to the Gods Doğan-Alparslan M. − Alparslan M. 2013a 494-502

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