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AOAT: Alter Orient und Altes Testament. Veröffentlichungen zur Kultur und Geschichte des Alten Orients
AOATS: AOAT Sonderreihe
AOAT 391: Hethitische Literatur. Überlieferungsprozesse, Textsrukturen, Ausdruckformen und Nachwirken. Akten des Symposiums vom 18. bis 20. Februar 2010 in Bonn AOAT 391
AOAT 372: Studies on War in the Ancient Near East. Collected Essays on Military History, ed. AOAT 372
AOAT 371: Kulturlandschaft Syrien. Zentrum und Peripherie – Festschrift für Jan-Waalke Meyer AOAT 371
AOAT 392: The Ancient Near East in the 12th-10th Centuries BCE. Culture and History, Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Haifa, 2-5 May, 2010 AOAT 392
AOAT 416: Synthetische Körperauffassung im Hebräischen und den Sprachen der Nachbarkulturen AOAT 416
AOAT 23: Mein Gott. Die Vorstellungen vom persönlichen Gott im Alten Orient und im Alten Testament AOAT 23
AOAT 413: The Other Face of the Battle. The Impact of War on Civilians in the Ancient Near East AOAT 413
AOAT 440: What's in a name. Terminology related to the Work Force and Job Categories in the Ancient Near East AOAT 440
AOAT 413: The Other Face of the Battle. The Impact of War on Civilians in the Ancient Near East AOAT 413
AOAT 431: Textiles in Ritual and Cultic Practices in the Ancient Near East from the Thrid to the First Millennium BC. Proceedings of an International Workshop in Copenhagen (6th to 7th October 2015)
AOAT 467: Economy of Religions in Anatolia: From the Early Second to the Middle of the First Millennium BCE. Proceedings of an International Conference in Bonn (23rd to 25th May 2018)
AOAT 441: From the Four Corners of the Earth. Studies in Iconography and Cultures of the Ancient Near East in Honour of F. A. M. Wiggermann Fs F.A.M. Wiggermann
AOAT 463: Awīlum ša la mašê – man who cannot be forgotten. Studies in Honor of Prof. Stefan Zawadzki Presented on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday
AOAT 460: Dealing with Antiquity: Past, Present & Future - RAI Marburg CRRAI 63
AOAT 445: Questions, Approaches, and Dialogues in Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology Studies in Honor of Marie-Henriette and Charles Gates Fs Gates

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