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Eothen: Eothen, studi sulle civiltà dell'Oriente antico
Eothen 1: Rev. of: Fs Pugliese Carratelli
Eothen 10: Rev. of: Studi e testi 2
Eothen 11: Rev. of: Gs Imparati
Eothen 2: Rev. of: Martino S. de 1989a
Eothen 3: Rev. of: Polvani A.M. 1988d
Eothen 4: Rev. of: Quattro studi ittiti
Eothen 5: Rev. of: Martino S. de 1996a
Eothen 6: Rev. of: Glocker J. 1997a
Eothen 7: Rev. of: Trémouille M.-C. 1997a
Eothen 9: Rev. of: Studi e testi 1
Eothen 16: New Perspectives on the Historical Geography and Topography of Anatolia in the II and I Millennium B.C. (Proceedings of the International Symposium, Udine 15th-16th December 2006) Eothen 16
Eothen 17: Empires after the Empire: Anatolia, Syria and Assyria after Suppiluliuma II (ca. 1200-800/700 B.C.) Eothen 17
Eothen 20: Mangiare divinamente. Pratiche e simbologie alimentari nell’antico Oriente Eothen 20
Eothen 19: New Results and New Questions on the Reign of Suppiluliuma I

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