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Miller J.L. 2001a: Hattušili I's Expansion into Northern Syria in Light of the Tikunani Letter 4HitCongr 410-429
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Miller J.L. 2010b: Paskuwatti’s Ritual: Remedy for Impotence or Antidote to Homosexuality? JANER 10 83-89
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Miller J.L. 2014b: Mursili II’s Prayer Concerning the Misdeeds and the Outstanding of Tawananna 8HitCongr 516-557
Miller J.L. 2017a: Political interactions between Kassite Babylonia and Assyria, Egypt and Ḫatti during the Amarna Age Bartelmus A. − Sternitzke K. 2017a 93-111
Miller J.L. 2016a: The Contribution of the Hittite Documentation to the Historical Geography of the Middle Orontes Region Parayre D. − Sauvage M. 2016a 107-118
Miller J.L. 2018a: Towards a Typology of Quoted Speech (and Text) in Hittite Histographic Narrative Fink S. − Rollinger R. 2018a 57-67
Miller J.L. 2020a: Two Notes on Kizzuwatna’s Status as a Hittite Vassal in the Middle Hittite Period Fs de Martino 345-350
Miller J.L. 2020b: Are There Signs of the Decline of the Late Hittite State in the Textual Documentation from Hattuša? Martino S. de − Devecchi E. 2020a 237-256
Miller J.L. 2017b: The Tablet Finds of Temple I from the Early Excavations at Boğazköy-Hattusa (1906–1912) Doğan-Alparslan M. − Schachner A. − Alparslan M. 2017a 69-84
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Miller J.L. 2014c : Rev. of: Herbordt S. – Bawanypeck D. – Hawkins J. D. 2011a BSOAS 77/1 197-198

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