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Unicode Cuneiform Fonts

for Macintosh and Windows

True Type Fonts (ttf)

created by Sylvie Vanséveren

Introduction (Sylvie Vanséveren)

[HTML] [PDF engl.]

[PDF fr.]

(we recommend to download and install the fonts before reading the html version in order to view it correctly)


Old Babylonian Fonts

Hittite Fonts

Neo-Assyrian Font

Old Persian Fonts


Nissus Glossaries

Word Templates

A keyboard layout with key combinations to write Hittite Cuneiform on Mac OSX: Developed and provided by Rolf Noyer, University of Pennsylvania.

Online Editors

Some online tools created by Gerfrid G.W. Müller might help to write transliterations or Old Babylonian cuneiform (install cuneiform fonts first!).