Hittite Cult Inventories

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Citatio: M. Cammarosano (ed.), hethiter.net/: CTH 527.19 (INTR 2020-04-14)

Cult inventory

(CTH 527.19)

Textual tradition



KBo 26.228

Basis of the edition

The present edition is based on the photographs available at the Mainzer Photoarchiv of the Hethitologie Portal Mainz, as well as the available hand-copies and relevant secondary literature up to 2019. When the original manuscripts have been collated, this is noted in the commentary.


Collated (March 2020). Fragment of a 25 mm thick tablet; fine-grained clay, now of a yellowish color.

The fragment preserves fragmentary cult object descriptions on the obverse, and rests of what seems to be a colophon on the reverse. Athletes are possibly mentioned in obv. 3′. In obv. i 7′ and 10′ the rare word pargašti “height” is attested.

i 4′: The mention of shoulders points to a winged deity, cf. KUB 38.2 i 8′, 22′.

i 9′: At the beginning of the line, the traces of two Winkelhaken drawn in the copy correspond most probably to scratches (collated). According to HW2 Ḫ 314, the word ḫarmaḫazi-x[ … ] occurs only here and in the oracle report KUB 50.50; it is probably related to Luwian ḫarmaḫi/a- “head.”

CC BY-SA 4.0 Michele Cammarosano | Produced as part of the research project Critical edition, digital publication, and systematic analysis of the Hittite cult-inventories (CTH 501-530), funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) – project number 298302760, 2016–2020.

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