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Citatio: M. Cammarosano (ed.), hethiter.net/: CTH 527.71 (INTR 2020-04-16)

Cult inventory

(CTH 527.71)

Textual tradition



VS.NF 12.113

Basis of the edition

The present edition is based on the photographs available at the Mainzer Photoarchiv of the Hethitologie Portal Mainz, as well as the available hand-copies and relevant secondary literature up to 2019. When the original manuscripts have been collated, this is noted in the commentary.


This fragment treats restorations of cult objects of various kind for several gods of both local and national character, and mentions some rarely attested PNs: the scribe Aḫziti (obv. 7, 12), Ḫaḫla (obv. 8), Armapiya (obv. 11), x-taparami (obv. 16), Kilišarruma (obv. 17, perhaps also obv. 16), and Šapalatarḫunta (rev. 14′). Among the noteworthy aspects of the text are the mention of workers (SAG.DU “head,” obv. 4), the reference to the Storm god of Šarešša and its ḫuwaši (rev. 10′, likely a reference to the well-known stelae sanctuary of that town), the formula about “bringing the gods” (obv. 14 and passim), and a reference to the “plating” of cult images with silver (obv. 3).

obv. 8: For the PN see Zehnder 2010: 138 and cf. fḪaḫaluwan, Ḫaḫla-taruppašani, and Watti-ḫaḫla.

obv. 16: The first sign of the PN, not otherwise attested, resembles ḪI, but the reading is unclear. The second PN may be Kili-Šarruma as in the following line.

obv. 17: For the reading of the PN Kili-Šarruma see Hazenbos 1999: 150, with reference to the only other know attestation (Msk. 73.128 = NH 577a).

rev. 3′, 5′: The appearance of the signs following AŠ.ME is not exactly as in the copy. In the occurrence of line 5′, the traces are compatible with a reading AD.KID, not so in line 3′.

rev. 13′: The mention of the “land of Kaneš” is unclear. Perhaps it is a reference to the “singer of Kaneš” (cf. DAAM 1.39 i 35) as subject of the verbal form? For mentions of Kaneš in the Hittite texts, see Otten 1973: 14-15.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Michele Cammarosano | Produced as part of the research project Critical edition, digital publication, and systematic analysis of the Hittite cult-inventories (CTH 501-530), funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) – project number 298302760, 2016–2020.

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