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Citatio: M. Cammarosano (ed.), hethiter.net/: CTH 528.115 (INTR 2020-04-16)

Cult inventory

(CTH 528.115)

Textual tradition



KUB 12.45


+ KUB 53.22

Basis of the edition

The present edition is based on the photographs available at the Mainzer Photoarchiv of the Hethitologie Portal Mainz, as well as the available hand-copies and relevant secondary literature up to 2019. When the original manuscripts have been collated, this is noted in the commentary.


The fragment preserves descriptions of local festivals. In the first paragraph of col. ii the goddess Kataḫḫa is mentioned. The following paragraph treats a festival held in autumn for Telipinu; the paragraph closes stating that “[they perform (or perhaps: performed?)] the festival ‘of the contribution’ for Telipinu.” On the same night the festival for the Heptad is celebrated, involving rites at the stela (§ 5′′). Note the absence of null objects in the usual formulae (e.g. ms. A2 ii? 12′-13′).

A1 ii? 8′: For the possible emendation URUša!-am-ma-ḫ[a], see de Martino and Otten 1984: 304 fn. 4. Šammaḫa was in the northern districts, close to mount Ašḫarpaya.

A2 ii? 12′: Cf. KUB 27.68+ i 14.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Michele Cammarosano | Produced as part of the research project Critical edition, digital publication, and systematic analysis of the Hittite cult-inventories (CTH 501-530), funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) – project number 298302760, 2016–2020.

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