Catalog of Hittite Texts (CTH)

Catalogue des textes hittites - Catalog der Texte der Hethiter

Konkordanz Logo
E. Laroche, continued by S. Košak and G.G.W. Müller
with the collaboration of S. Görke and Ch.W. Steitler

Citatio: S. Košak – G.G.W. Müller – S. Görke – Ch.W. Steitler, CTH (2022-10-26)



CTH 1 Proclamation of Anitta

CTH 2 Fragments referring to Anum-Ḫirbi and the city of Zalpa

CTH 3 Zalpa tale and other fragments mentioning the city of Zalpa

CTH 4 Annals of Ḫattušili I

CTH 5 Edict of Ḫattušili I

CTH 6 Political Testament of Ḫattušili I

CTH 7 Siege of Uršu

CTH 8 Palace Chronicle

CTH 9 Fragments of palace chronicles

CTH 10 Fragments relating to the expedition of Muršili I against Babylon

CTH 11 Campaign of Muršili I against Aleppo

CTH 12 The Anatolian campaigns of Muršili I

CTH 13 Campaigns of Muršili I? against the Hurrians

CTH 14 Res gestae of Ḫattušili I

CTH 15 unassigned

CTH 16 Legendary accounts of the Hurrian wars

CTH 17 Fragments referring to the Hurrian wars

CTH 18 Ammuna Chronicle

CTH 19 Edict of Telipinu (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 20 Campaign of Telipinu against Laḫḫa

CTH 21 Treaty of Telipinu with Išputaḫšu of Kizzuwatna (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 22 Fragment referring to Telipinu

CTH 23 Fragment referring to Alluwamna

CTH 24 Fragments referring to Pimpira

CTH 25 Treaty of Zidanza II with Pilliya of Kizzuwatna

CTH 26 Treaty of a Hittite king with Paddatiššu of Kizzuwatna

CTH 27 Treaty with the Ḫabiru

CTH 28 Middle Hittite Treaty

CTH 29 Treaty of Taḫurwaili with Eḫeya of Kizzuwatna

CTH 30 unassigned

CTH 31 unassigned

CTH 32 unassigned

CTH 33 unassigned

CTH 34 unassigned

CTH 35 unassigned

CTH 36 unassigned

CTH 37 unassigned

CTH 38 unassigned

CTH 39 Old Hittite historical fragments


CTH 40 Deeds of Šuppiluliuma

CTH 41 Treaty of Tutḫaliya I with Šunaššura of Kizzuwatna (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 42 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma I with Ḫukkana of Ḫayaša

CTH 43 unassigned

CTH 44 Edict of Šuppiluliuma concerning the priesthood of Telipinu in the land of Kizzuwatna

CTH 45 Letter of Šuppiluliuma I to Niqmaddu II of Ugarit

CTH 46 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma I with Niqmaddu II of Ugarit

CTH 47 Decree of Šuppiluliuma I setting the tribute of Ugarit (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 48 Inventory of the tribute of Ugarit to Šuppiluliuma I

CTH 49 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma I with Aziru of Amurru (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 50 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma I with Šarri-Kušuḫ of Karkamiš

CTH 51 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma I with Šattiwaza of Mitanni (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 52 Treaty of Šattiwaza of Mitanni with Šuppiluliuma I (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 53 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma I with Tette of Nuḫašše

CTH 54 Treaty between Niqmaddu II of Ugarit and Aziru of Amurru

CTH 55 Oracle mentioning Ḫukkana of Azzi

CTH 56 unassigned

CTH 57 Decree of Muršili II concerning the recognition of the status of his brother Piyaššili/Šarri-Kušuḫ in Karkamiš

CTH 58 Report of Arnuwanda II of the deeds of his father Šuppiluliuma I

CTH 59 unassigned

CTH 60 unassigned

CTH 61 Annals of Muršili II (.I Ten-year annals, .II Extensive annals, .III unclassified fragments)

CTH 62 Treaty of Muršili II with Duppi-Teššup of Amurru (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 63 Arbitration concerning a border conflict between Nuḫašše and Barga as well as an agreement with Duppi-Teššup of Amurru

CTH 64 Edict of Muršili II concerning the border between Ugarit and Mukiš

CTH 65 Edict of Muršili II concerning a conflict between Ugarit and Šiyannu

CTH 66 Treaty of Muršili II with Niqmepa of Ugarit

CTH 67 Treaty of Muršili II with Targašnalli of Ḫapalla

CTH 68 Treaty of Muršili II with Kupanta-Kurunta of Mira and Kuwaliya

CTH 69 Treaty of Muršili II with Manapa-Tarḫunta of Šēḫa

CTH 70 Prayer of Mursili II concerning the affair of Tawannanna (the widow of Šuppiluliuma I) and her banishment

CTH 71 unassigned

CTH 72 Report of Muršili II about the dispute with Egypt in Syria with a prayer to the assembly of gods

CTH 73 unassigned

CTH 74 unassigned

CTH 75 Treaty of Muwattalli II with Talmi-Šarruma of Aleppo

CTH 76 Treaty of Muwattalli II with Alakšandu of Wiluša

CTH 77 Letter of Šarri-Kušuḫ of Karkamiš to Niqmaddu II of Ugarit

CTH 78 Treaty with Ḫayaša

CTH 79 Memorandum concerning Muršili III

CTH 80 unassigned

CTH 81 Apology of Ḫattušili III

CTH 82 Annals of Ḫattušili III

CTH 83 Report of Ḫattušili III on the campaigns of Šuppiluliuma I

CTH 84 Report of the deeds of Šuppiluliuma I and Muršili II

CTH 85 Conflict between Muršili III (Urḫi-Teššup) and Ḫattušili III

CTH 86 Edict of Ḫattušili III concerning the estate of Arma-Tarḫunta

CTH 87 Decree of Ḫattušili III in favor of the sons of Mittannamuwa

CTH 88 Decree of Ḫattušili III regarding the exemption of the ḫekur of Pirwa from taxation

CTH 89 Decree of Ḫattušili III concerning the people of Tiliura

CTH 90 Edict of Ḫattušili III regarding the Restoration of Nerik

CTH 91 Treaty of Ḫattušili III with Ramses II of Egypt

CTH 92 Treaty of Ḫattušili III with Bentešina of Amurru

CTH 93 Edict of Ḫattušili III concerning the merchants of Ura

CTH 94 Edict of Ḫattušili III concerning the fugitives from Ugarit

CTH 95 Edict of Puduḫepa concerning a shipwreck in Ugarit

CTH 96 Declaration of Kurunta of Tarḫuntašša

CTH 97 unassigned

CTH 98 Letter? mentioning Bentešina and Egypt

CTH 99 Historical report

CTH 100 Agreement between Ini-Teššup of Karkamiš and Ugarit

CTH 101 Fragments concerning the restoration of Nerik

CTH 102 unassigned

CTH 103 unassigned

CTH 104 unassigned

CTH 105 Treaty of Tutḫaliya IV with Šaušgamuwa of Amurru

CTH 106 Treaties with the kings of Tarhuntassa

CTH 107 Edict of Tutḫaliya IV concerning the Divorce of Ammištamru II of Ugarit from the daughter of Bentešina of Amurru

CTH 108 Edict of Tutḫaliya IV concerning the exemption of Ammištamru of Ugarit from war with Assyria

CTH 109 Decisions of Armaziti

CTH 110 Letter of Piḫawalwi to Ibiranu of Ugarit

CTH 111 Edict of Tutḫaliya IV concerning a territorial conflict between Ugarit and Šiyannu

CTH 112 Letters of Aliḫesni and Armaziti concerning the border of Ugarit

CTH 113 Letter of Hišmi-Kušuḫ to the prefects of Ugarit

CTH 114 Letter concerning the battle of Niḫriya

CTH 115 Edict of Tutḫaliya IV? concerning Šaušgamuwa of Amurru

CTH 116 Edict of Tutḫaliya IV? settling the affair of the former wife of Ammištamru II of Ugarit

CTH 117 unassigned

CTH 118 unassigned

CTH 119 unassigned

CTH 120 unassigned

CTH 121 Inscription of Šuppiluliuma II about the conquest of Alašiya

CTH 122 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma II with Talmi-Teššup of Karkamiš

CTH 123 Treaty of Tutḫaliya IV with an unknown party

CTH 124 Loyalty oath of a scribe (Tagi-Šarruma?)

CTH 125 unassigned

CTH 126 Historical fragments referring to Šuppiluliuma II

CTH 127 Letter about years of famine and deliveries of grain

CTH 128 unassigned

CTH 129 unassigned

CTH 130 unassigned


CTH 131 unassigned

CTH 132 Treaty with Kizzuwatna

CTH 133 Treaty of Arnuwanda I with the Išmerigaeans

CTH 134 Treaty with Kuruštama

CTH 135 Treaty of Tutḫaliya I? with Tunip

CTH 136 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma I with Mukiš

CTH 137 Treaty of Arnuwanda I with the Kaška ,

CTH 138 Treaty of Arnuwanda I with the Kaška

CTH 139 Treaty of Arnuwanda I with the Kaška

CTH 140 Fragments of treaties of Arnuwanda I with the Kaška

CTH 141 Treaty of Šuppiluliuma II with Alašiya

CTH 142 Annals of Tutḫaliya I

CTH 143 Annals of Arnuwanda I

CTH 144 Agreement of Arnuwanda I with the people of Ura

CTH 145 Oath text from the time of Šuppiluliuma II

CTH 146 Mida of Paḫḫuwa

CTH 147 Indictment of Madduwatta

CTH 148 Historical report of Arnuwanda I

CTH 149 unassigned

CTH 150 unassigned


I. Egyptian-Hittite Correspondence

CTH 151 Letter from Amenophis III to Tarḫundaradu of Arzawa

CTH 152 Letter from Arzawa to Amenophis III

CTH 153 Letter from Šuppiluliuma I to Ḫureya (sc. Amenophis IV/Echnaton, Tutanchamun or Semenchkare)

CTH 154 Letter from Šuppiluliuma I to Ay?

CTH 155 Letter from Ramses II to Ḫattušili III about Urḫi-Teššup

CTH 156 Letter from Ramses II to Ḫattušili III about Urḫi-Teššup

CTH 157 Marriage letters from Ramses II to Ḫattušili III

CTH 158 Marriage letters from Ramses II to Puduḫepa

CTH 159 Marriage letters from Ramses II to Ḫattušili III and Puduḫepa

CTH 160 Letter from Puduḫepa to Ramses III

CTH 161 Letter from Ramses II to Ḫattušili III

CTH 162 Letters from Ramses II to Ḫattušili III and Puduḫepa

CTH 163 Letters from Ramses II to Ḫattušili III

CTH 164 Letters from Ramses II to Puduḫepa

CTH 165 Letters from Ramses II to Ḫattušili III

CTH 166 Letter from Ramses II to Kupanta-Kurunta of Mira

CTH 167 Letter from Naptera, wife of Ramses II, to Puduḫepa

CTH 168 Letter from the queen mother Tūya to Ḫattušili III

CTH 169 Letter from prince Šutaḫapšap, son of Ramses II, to Ḫattušili III

CTH 170 Fragments of Egyptian-Hittite correspondence

II. Royal letters

CTH 171 Letter from Muwatalli II to Adad-nīrāri I

CTH 172 Letter from Ḫattušili III to Kadašman-Enlil II

CTH 173 Letter from Ḫattušili III to Adad-nīrāri I

CTH 174 Letter from Kadašman-Turgu to Ḫattušili III: Akkadian

CTH 175 Letter from Šalmaneser I? of Assyria to a Hittite King

CTH 176 Letter from Puduḫepa to Ramses II

CTH 177 Letter of Tutḫaliya IV to Tukulti-Ninurta I of Assyria

CTH 178 Letter to Baba-aḫ-iddina of Assyria

CTH 179 Letter to a king of Ḫanigalbat

CTH 180 Letter from Puduḫepa to Tattamaru

CTH 181 Letter from a Hittite king to the king of Aḫḫiyawa (Tawagalawa Letter)

CTH 182 Milawata letter

CTH 183 Letter from a king of Aḫḫiyawa to a Hittite king

CTH 184 Letter from a king to Pirwannu

CTH 185 Letter of Ḫattušili III to Zuwa

CTH 186 Royal letters to vassals

CTH 187 Fragments of royal letters

CTH 188 Letter to the king or queen

CTH 189 Letter from Puduḫepa to Niqmaddu III of Ugarit

CTH 190 Correspondence of dignitaries

III. Diverse letters

CTH 191 Letter from Manapa-Tarḫunta to the Hittite king

CTH 192 Letter from Tutḫaliya to a Queen

CTH 193 Letter from Bentesina of Amurru to Ḫattušili III

CTH 194 Letter from a Muwatalli to the king

CTH 195 Letter from three augurs to the queen

CTH 196 Letter from Lupakki to the king of Karkamiš

CTH 197 Letter from Maša to his Lord

CTH 198 Letter from a Tutḫaliya to the king

CTH 199 Letter from Tarḫuntišša to Palla

CTH 200 Letter from a “prefect” to the king

CTH 201 Letter from Pazzu to the king

CTH 202 Letter from Mašḫuiluwa of Mira-Kuwaliya to Muršili II

CTH 203 Report of a commander

CTH 204 Letter from the king to Alziyamuwa

CTH 205 Letter from Tagi-Šarruma to the king

CTH 206 unassigned

CTH 207 unassigned

CTH 208 Fragments of letters in Akkadian

CTH 209 Fragments of letters in Hittite

CTH 210 Diverse fragments of letters


CTH 211 Fragments of annals

CTH 212 Fragments of treaties or instructions

CTH 213 Fragments of divine lists (of witnesses) in treaties and instructions

CTH 214 Fragments of historical texts

CTH 215 Undifferentiated fragments of historical texts

CTH 216 Fragments of historical texts in Akkadian

CTH 217 unassigned

CTH 218 unassigned

CTH 219 unassigned

CTH 220 unassigned



CTH 221 unassigned

CTH 222 Land donation tablets

CTH 223 unassigned

CTH 224 Land donation of Ḫattušili III to Ura-Tarḫunta

CTH 225 Land donation of Tutḫaliya IV to Šaḫurunuwa

CTH 226 unassigned

CTH 227 unassigned

CTH 228 unassigned

CTH 229 Sales contracts (.I Hittite, .II Akkadian)


CTH 230 Itineraries

CTH 231 Lists of administrators (AGRIG)

CTH 232 Lists of palace personnel

CTH 233 Lists of families

CTH 234 Lists of men

CTH 235 Lists of women

CTH 236 Lists of men and soldiers

CTH 237 Lists of persons

CTH 238 Lists of cities

CTH 239 Lists of fields, cadaster

CTH 240 Texts concerning sales, purchases, and exchange

CTH 241 Inventories of chests (.I inventories, .II transportation texts (ŠA KASKAL))

CTH 242 Texts concerning the crafting of metal objects (.I gold and silver, .II copper)

CTH 243 Texts concerning textile and leather production (.I wool and hide processing, .II textile manufacture)

CTH 244 Inventories of domestic tribute (MADDATTU) (.I metals and durable goods, .II wool and garments)

CTH 245 Texts concerning distributions and handouts (.I under supervision (ĪDE), .II to named individuals, .III other)

CTH 246 Complex inventories

CTH 247 Inventories concerned with condition and maintenance

CTH 248 Inventories connected with the state cult (.I temple inventories with comment on provisioning, .II detailed descriptions of cult images, .III texts concerning votive objects, .IV inventory fragments of cult images and figurines)

CTH 249 Inventories and inventory fragments (.I mixed inventories, .II textiles and garments, .III precious metal and stone objects and jewelry, .IV ivory and ebony objects, .V weapons and tools)

CTH 250 Miscellaneous inventories and administrative fragments


CTH 251 Instructions for dignitaries (LÚ.MEŠDUGUD)

CTH 252 Instructions of Ašmunikkal for the caretakers of the mausoleum (É.NA₄)

CTH 253 Instructions of Šuppiluliuma I

CTH 254 Military instructions of Ḫattušili III

CTH 255 Instructions of Tutḫaliya IV to the princes, lords and courtiers (LÚ.MEŠ SAG)

CTH 256 Instructions of Šuppiluliuma II

CTH 257 Instructions of Arnuwanda I for the mayor (ḪAZANNU)

CTH 258 Instructions of a Tutḫaliya for stabilization of legal administration

CTH 259 Instructions of a Tutḫaliya for the military

CTH 260 Instructions of Arnuwanda I and Ašmunikkal for the dignitaries (LÚ.MEŠDUGUD)

CTH 261 Instructions of Arnuwanda I for the frontier post governors (bēl madgalti)

CTH 262 Instructions for the royal body guard (LÚ.MEŠMEŠEDI)

CTH 263 Instructions for the gatekeepers

CTH 264 Instructions for the priests and temple officials

CTH 265 Instructions for the palace servants

CTH 266 Instructions for the palace personnel

CTH 267 Instructions for the troops (LÚ.MEŠUKU.UŠ)

CTH 268 Instructions for military commanders

CTH 269 Royal decree on social and economic reforms

CTH 270 Oath of Ašḫapala

CTH 271 Instructions on dynastic succession

CTH 272 Royal edict

CTH 273 unassigned

CTH 274 unassigned

CTH 275 Fragments of instructions and protocols


I. Tablet Catalogs

CTH 276 Catalog type: DUB.xKAM

CTH 277 Catalog type: x ṬUP-PU

CTH 278 Catalog type: x DUB UMMA/mān

CTH 279 Catalog type: mān/INIM, ohne DUB

CTH 280 Catalog type: DUB.x.BI

CTH 281 Catalog type: DUB.xKAM in left column

CTH 282 Various tablet catalogs

II. Tablet Labels

CTH 283 Shelf labels


CTH 284 Hippological instructions of Kikkuli

CTH 285 Hippological instructions with ritual introduction

CTH 286 Hippological instructions (Hittite)

CTH 287 Fragments of Hippological instructions

CTH 288 unassigned

F. Recipes

CTH 289 Chemical and glass recipes

CTH 290 unassigned



CTH 291 Laws, first series: “If a man”

CTH 292 Laws, second series: “If a grapevine”


CTH 293 Deposition of Ukkura

CTH 294 Deposition of Kuniyapiya

CTH 295 Diverse depositions

CTH 296 Deposition of Pallariya

CTH 297 Uncertain identification as depositions

CTH 298 unassigned



CTH 299 Sa

CTH 300 Diri

CTH 301 Erimḫuš

CTH 302 Ura

CTH 303 zi

CTH 304 Kagal

CTH 305 LU = ša

CTH 306 Sign list

CTH 307 unassigned

CTH 308 unassigned

CTH 309 Fragments of lexical lists


CTH 310 Hittite fragments of šar tamḫāri “King of Battle”

CTH 311 Naram-Sin in Anatolia

CTH 312 Hymn to Ištar

CTH 313 Hymn to Adad

CTH 314 Trilingual Hymn to Iškur-Adad

CTH 315 Message of Lú-dingir-ra to his mother

CTH 316 Akkadian-Hittite wisdom literature

CTH 317 unassigned

CTH 318 unassigned

CTH 319 unassigned

CTH 320 unassigned



CTH 321 Illuyanka myth

CTH 322 Myth of Telepinu and the daughter of the sea

CTH 323 Myth of the disappearance and return of the Sun-god

CTH 324 Myth of Telipinu

CTH 325 Myth of the disappearance and return of the Storm-god

CTH 326 Myth of the disappearance and return of the Storm-god of Ašmunikkal

CTH 327 Myth of the disappearance and return of the Storm-god of Ḫarapšili

CTH 328 Myth of the disappearance and return of the Storm-god of the scribe Pirwa

CTH 329 unassigned

CTH 330 Ritual for the Storm-god of Kuliwišna

CTH 331 Myth of the Storm-god in Liḫzina

CTH 332 Myth of the disappearance and return of the Storm-god: mugawar fragments

CTH 333 Myth of the disappearance and return of Anzili and Zukki

CTH 334 Myth of the disappearance and return of Ḫannaḫanna (DINGIR.MAḪ)

CTH 335 Fragments of myths of disappearing and returning deities

CTH 336 Myths of Inara (DKAL)

CTH 337 Fragments of myths referring to Pirwa

CTH 338 Lord of the Tongue: myth and ritual

CTH 339 Myths of the Sun-god and the Ilaliyant-gods

CTH 340 unassigned


CTH 341 Gilgameš (.I Akkadian, .II Hurrian, III. Hittite)

CTH 342 Elkunirša and Ašertu

CTH 343 Myth of kingship of the deity DKAL

CTH 344 Song of Emergence (Kingship in Heaven, Theogony)

CTH 345 Song of Ullikummi (.I Hittite, II. Hurrian)

CTH 346 Fragments of the myth of Kumarbi

CTH 347 Atramḫasis

CTH 348 Song of Ḫedammu (.I Hittite, II. Hurrian)

CTH 349 Cycle of Teššup

CTH 350 Fragments of myths referring to Ištar

CTH 351 Fragments of myths referring to Ea

CTH 352 Fragments of myths referring to Ḫuranu

CTH 353 Fragments of myths referring to the daughter of the Pleiades (DIMIN.IMIN.BI)

CTH 354 unassigned

CTH 355 unassigned

CTH 356 unassigned

CTH 357 unassigned

CTH 358 unassigned

CTH 359 unassigned


CTH 360 Tale of Appu and his sons

CTH 361 Tale of the hunter Kešši and his beautiful wife (.I Hittite, .II Hurrian, .III Akkadian)

CTH 362 Heroic deeds of Gurparanzaḫ

CTH 363 Tale of the Sun-god, the cow and the fisherman

CTH 364 Song of Silver

CTH 365 Ritual and myth concerning the Euphrates (Māla) River

CTH 366 unassigned

CTH 367 unassigned

CTH 368 unassigned

CTH 369 unassigned

CTH 370 Fragments of myths (.I Hittite, .II Hurrian)


CTH 371 Prayer to the Sun-goddess of the earth

CTH 372 Hymn and prayer of a mortal to the Sun-god (Šamaš)

CTH 373 Prayer of Kantuzzili to the Sun-god

CTH 374 Prayer of a king to the Sun-god

CTH 375 Prayer of Arnuwanda I and Ašmunikkal to the Sun-goddess of Arinna

CTH 376 Hymns and prayers to the Sun-goddess of Arinna

CTH 377 Hymn and prayer of Muršili II to Telipinu

CTH 378 Plague prayers of Muršili II

CTH 379 unassigned

CTH 380 Prayer to Lelwani for the recovery of Gaššuliyawiya

CTH 381 Prayer of Muwattalli II to the assembly of gods

CTH 382 Prayer of Muwattalli II to the Storm-god of Kummanni

CTH 383 Prayer of Ḫattušili III and Puduḫepa to the Sun-goddess of Arinna

CTH 384 Prayer of Puduḫepa to the Sun-goddess of Arinna

CTH 385 Fragments of Prayers to the Sun-goddess of Arinna

CTH 386 Fragments of Prayers to the Storm-god of Nerik

CTH 387 Prayer of Muršili III

CTH 388 unassigned

CTH 389 Fragments of prayers



CTH 390 Rituals and incantations of Ayatarša, Wattiti and Šuššumaniga

CTH 391 Ritual of Ambazzi

CTH 392 Ritual of Anna of Kaplawiya against an unproductive vineyard

CTH 393 Ritual of Anniwiyani for the DKAL-deities

CTH 394 Ritual of Ašḫella of Ḫapalla against a plague in the army

CTH 395 Ritual of Ḫantitaššu of Ḫurma

CTH 396 Ritual of Ḫatiya of Kanzapida against the demonic Wišuriyant

CTH 397 Ritual of Ḫebatarakki of Zuḫaruwa

CTH 398 Ritual of Huwarlu, the augur

CTH 399 Ritual of Yarri of Lallupiya against impurity

CTH 400 Ritual of Iriya for the purification of a town

CTH 401 Purification rituals

CTH 402 Ritual of Alli of Arzawa

CTH 403 Rituals of Mallidunna of Durmitta

CTH 404 Rituals of Maštigga of Kummanni

CTH 405 unassigned

CTH 406 Ritual of Paškuwatti of Arzawa against effeminacy

CTH 407 Ritual of Puliša against foreign plague

CTH 408 Ritual of Pupuwanni against witchcraft

CTH 409 Rituals of Tunnawiya

CTH 410 Ritual of Uḫḫamuwa of Arzawa against plague

CTH 411 Ritual of Uruwanda against the results of slander

CTH 412 Ritual and myth of Zuwi

CTH 413 Foundation ritual for a temple or house

CTH 414 Foundation ritual for a palace

CTH 415 Foundation ritual for a temple

CTH 416 Four old Hittite rituals for the royal couple

CTH 417 Rituals against the enemies of the king

CTH 418 Ritual against a foreign enemy of the royal couple

CTH 419 Substitution ritual for the king

CTH 420 Fragments of substitution rituals

CTH 421 Great substitution ritual

CTH 422 Incantation at the enemy border

CTH 423 Evocation of gods of an enemy city

CTH 424 Ritual against pest

CTH 425 Ritual against pest in the army

CTH 426 Ritual for an army defeated in battle

CTH 427 Military oaths

CTH 428 Fragments of military oaths

CTH 429 Ritual of Ambazzi against slander

CTH 430 Birth rituals

CTH 431 Ritual of Bappi

CTH 432 Ritual against depression

CTH 433 Ritual for the protective deity of the hunting bag (DKAL KUŠkuršaš)

CTH 434 Ritual for the fate goddesses (DINGIR.MAḪ, Gulšeš)

CTH 435 Ritual and invocation of the Sun-god

CTH 436 Ritual of the sea

CTH 437 Ritual referring to the god Agni

CTH 438 Advice for a king

CTH 439 Ritual for Anzili and Zukki

CTH 440 Ritual for Ḫamrišḫara

CTH 441 Ritual for reconciliation of a child with its mother?

CTH 442 Ritual for the Pleiades (DIMIN.IMIN.BI)

CTH 443 Two rituals for the pacification of the Sun-god and the Storm-god referring to Ziplantawiya, Tutḫaliya and Nikkal

CTH 444 Purification ritual

CTH 445 Ritual for expiation of incest

CTH 446 Purification of a House and incantation for the netherworld deities

CTH 447 Ritual against an ominous bee

CTH 448 Rituals for the Sun-goddess of the earth

CTH 449 Fragments referring to the netherworld deities

CTH 450 Funerary rituals (šalliš waštaiš)

CTH 451 Two funerary rituals with interment of the bones

CTH 452 Fragments of substitution rituals

CTH 453 Fragments of rituals against witchcraft

CTH 454 unassigned

CTH 455 Human sacrifice in a ritual

CTH 456 Fragments of purification rituals

CTH 457 Fragments of incantations and myths

CTH 458 Fragments of incantations

CTH 459 Fragments of mugawar

CTH 460 Lists of magical substances

CTH 461 Medical texts

CTH 462 unassigned

CTH 463 Ritual of Ambazzi against bad omens

CTH 464 unassigned

CTH 465 unassigned

CTH 466 unassigned

CTH 467 unassigned

CTH 468 unassigned

CTH 469 unassigned

CTH 470 Ritual fragments


CTH 471 Ritual of Ammiḫatna of Kizzuwatna against impurity

CTH 472 Ritual of Ammiḫatna, Tulpi and Mati against impurity

CTH 473 Fragments of Ammihatna, Tulpi and Mati

CTH 474 Ritual of Kuwanni

CTH 475 Ritual of Palliya, king of Kizzuwatna

CTH 476 Birth ritual of Papanegri

CTH 477 Birth rituals

CTH 478 unassigned

CTH 479 Ritual of Kizzuwatna

CTH 480 Ritual of Šamuḫa

CTH 481 Expansion of the cult of the goddess of the night

CTH 482 Reform of the cult of the goddess of the night of Šamuḫa by Muršili II

CTH 483 Evocation ritual

CTH 484 Evocation ritual for DINGIR.MAḪ and Gulšeš

CTH 485 Evocation rituals for Teššup, Ḫebat and Šarruma

CTH 486 Aphasia of Mursili II

CTH 487 Ritual referring to Išḫara

CTH 488 Ritual referring to Ḫamrišḫara

CTH 489 Ritual “When a woman conceives”

CTH 490 Ritual of Aštu, the Hurrian

CTH 491 Purification rituals

CTH 492 Ritual “When a man settles in an uninhabited place”

CTH 493 Ritual of swearing an oath

CTH 494 Ritual of the queen and her sons for the goddess NIN.GAL

CTH 495 Purification rituals

CTH 496 Ritual of Walkui

CTH 497 unassigned

CTH 498 unassigned

CTH 499 unassigned

CTH 500 Fragments of Kizzuwatnaean festival and magical rituals


CTH 501 unassigned (formerly “Inventory of Tarammeka, Kunkuniya, Wiyanawanta”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 502 unassigned (formerly “Inventory of Tiliura and other locations”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 503 unassigned (formerly “Inventory of the seal house (É.NA₄KIŠIB)”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 504 Inventory of Manninni

CTH 505 unassigned (formerly “Cult inventory of the gods of Wiyanawanta, Mammananta, etc.”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 506 unassigned (formerly “Cult inventory of the gods of Takkupša, Ḫawarkina etc.”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 507 unassigned (formerly “Cult inventory of Mt. Ḫalalazipa”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 508 unassigned (formerly “Cult inventory of Mt. Ziwana”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 509 unassigned (formerly “Cult inventories of Storm-gods”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 510 unassigned (formerly “Cult inventories of local festivals”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 511 unassigned (formerly “List of Stelae (NA₄ZI.KIN)”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 512 unassigned (formerly “Furnishings of the Sun-goddess of Arinna”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 513 unassigned (formerly “Inventory of metal objects with the name of Muršili II”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 514 unassigned (formerly “Description of the deity Pirwa”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 515 unassigned (formerly “Description of the goddess Titiwatti/Tittiutti”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 516 unassigned (formerly “Description of Sulinkatte, god of Tamarmara”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 517 unassigned (formerly “Protective deity of Karahna”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 518 unassigned (formerly “Cult of Pirwa: inventory”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 519 unassigned (formerly “Goddess of the Night of Parnašša”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 520 unassigned (formerly “Goddess MUNUS.LUGAL”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 521 unassigned (formerly “Descriptions of images of deities”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 522 unassigned (formerly “Fragments of descriptions of images of deities and various objects”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 523 Provisions (melqētu) for local festivals

CTH 524 unassigned (formerly “Cult of Nerik”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 525 unassigned (formerly “Inventory of sanctuaries by Tudḫaliya IV”; see CTH 526–530)

CTH 526 Cult inventories with descriptions of festivals and cult images

CTH 527 Cult inventories with descriptions of cult images

CTH 528 Cult inventories with descriptions of festivals

CTH 529 Cult inventories without descriptions of festivals or cult images

CTH 530 Fragments of cult inventories without descriptions of festivals or cult images



CTH 531 Hittite introduction to Enūma Anu Enlil

CTH 532 Lunar eclipse (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 533 Lunar omens

CTH 534 Solar omens (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 535 Astral omens

CTH 536 Terrestrial omens (series šumma ālu)

CTH 537 Medical omens (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 538 Birth omens (šumma izbu) (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 539 Series “If an omen”

CTH 540 Series “If a woman gives birth” (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 541 Earthquake omens

CTH 542 Oil omens

CTH 543 Physiognomic omens

CTH 544 Animal omens

CTH 545 Birth omens (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)

CTH 546 Hemerologies

CTH 547 Liver models (.I Akkadian, .II Akkadian and Hittite)

CTH 548 Gall bladder omens (, martu)

CTH 549 Liver omens: “position” (KI.GUB) (.a Akkadian, b. Akkadian-Hittite, c. Hittite)

CTH 550 Liver omens: “yoke” (nīru)

CTH 551 Entrail omens: coils of the instestines (tīrānu)

CTH 552 Kidney omens (kallītu)

CTH 553 Liver omens: “well-being” (šulmu)

CTH 554 Liver omens: “weapon” (kakku)

CTH 555 Liver omens: “palace gate” (bāb ekalli)

CTH 556 Fragments of Akkadian liver omens

CTH 557 Hittite ornithomantic instructions

CTH 558 Dream omens

CTH 559 unassigned

CTH 560 Fragments of Hittite and Akkadian omens (.I Akkadian, .II Hittite)


I. Oracle reports

CTH 561 Oracles concerning the king's campaigns in the Kaška region

CTH 562 Oracle itineraries in the Kaška region

CTH 563 Oracles concerning the overwintering of the king

CTH 564 Oracles concerning the festivals of the god of Aleppo

CTH 565 Oracles concerning the cult of the deity Pirwa

CTH 566 Oracles concerning the cult of the deity of Arušna

CTH 567 Oracles concerning the cult of Ištar of Nineveh

CTH 568 Oracles concerning the celebration of various festivals

CTH 569 Oracles concerning Arma-Tarḫunta und Šaušgatti

CTH 570 Liver (SU) oracles

CTH 571 Liver (SU) oracles with unabbreviated terms

CTH 572 Lot (KIN) oracles

CTH 573 Bird (MUŠEN) oracles

CTH 574 Tadorna (MUŠEN HURRI) oracles

CTH 575 Snake oracles

CTH 576 Bed oracles (šumma immeru)

CTH 577 Combined oracles I: SU, KIN and MUŠEN

CTH 578 Combined oracles II: SU and KIN

CTH 579 Combined oracles III: SU and MUŠEN

CTH 580 Combined oracles IV: KIN and MUŠEN

CTH 581 Letters about oracles

CTH 582 Oracle fragments

II. Dreams and Vows

CTH 583 Dreams of the king

CTH 584 Dreams of the queen

CTH 585 Vow of Puduḫepa

CTH 586 Donation of fields and personnel

CTH 587 unassigned

CTH 588 unassigned

CTH 589 unassigned

CTH 590 Fragments of dream and vow texts



CTH 591 Festival of the Month

CTH 592 Spring and Herbst festival in Zippalanda

CTH 593 Spring festival on Mt. Tapala

CTH 594 Spring festival at Tippuwa

CTH 595 Spring festival fragments

CTH 596 Autumn festival fragments

CTH 597 Winter festival

CTH 598 Winter festival for the Sun-goddess of Arinna

CTH 599 Journey of the sacred hunting bag in winter

CTH 600 New year's festival

CTH 601 unassigned

CTH 602 unassigned

CTH 603 unassigned


CTH 604 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, outline tablets

CTH 605 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 1

CTH 606 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 2

CTH 607 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 6

CTH 608 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, days 7–8

CTH 609 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 11

CTH 610 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, days 12–13: temple of Ziparwa

CTH 611 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, days 14–15: for the Sun-goddess of the earth

CTH 612 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 16: temple of Zababa

CTH 613 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, days 18–19: for the Storm-god of lightning

CTH 614 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 21?: for the deity IB/URAŠ

CTH 615 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, days 22–25: for Ištar of Ḫattarina

CTH 616 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 29: for Ea and his circle

CTH 617 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 32: for the protective deity of Tauriš

CTH 618 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 33–34: on Mt. Puškurunuwa

CTH 619 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, day 38: rain festival

CTH 620 AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR in Ankuwa for the goddess Kataḫḫa

CTH 621 unassigned (formerly “AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR, ‘first tablet’”; see CTH 608)

CTH 622 unassigned

CTH 623 unassigned

CTH 624 unassigned

CTH 625 Fragments of the AN.DAḪ.ŠUMSAR festival


CTH 626 Festival of haste (EZEN₄ nuntarriyašḫaš)

CTH 627 KI.LAM festival

CTH 628 (ḫ)išuwa- festival

CTH 629 Regular festival (EZEN₄ SAG.UŠ)

CTH 630 Moon and thunder festival

CTH 631 Thunder festival

CTH 632 Festival for the ancestors?

CTH 633 Festival of the investiture of royal successor (EZEN₄ ḫaššumaš)

CTH 634 Great festival of Arinna

CTH 635 Fragments of the festival of Zippalanda and Mt. Daḫa

CTH 636 Festival of Šarišša

CTH 637 Festival for the God of Ḫiššašḫapa

CTH 638 Festival for Telipinu

CTH 639 Fragments of the festival for Titiwatti

CTH 640 Fragments of festivals for Luwian deities

CTH 641 Cult of Išḫara

CTH 642 Festival fragments referring to the vegetation god Zinkuruwa

CTH 643 Festival fragments referring to the god Ziparwa

CTH 644 Festival or ritual fragments referring to Pirinkir

CTH 645 Fragments of festivals for the netherworld deities

CTH 646 Fragments of festivals celebrated by the queen

CTH 647 Festivals celebrated by the Prince (DUMU.LUGAL bzw. DUMU-aš)

CTH 648 unassigned

CTH 649 Festival fragments referring to a NIN.DINGIR priestess

CTH 650 Festival fragments referring to the zintuḫi- women

CTH 651 Festival fragments referring to the ḫazgarai women

CTH 652 Festival fragments referring to the “Man of the Storm-god” ( D10)

CTH 653 Festival fragments referring to the “dog-men” (LÚ.MEŠUR.GI7)

CTH 654 Festival fragments referring to the people of Kuruštama

CTH 655 Festival fragments referring to the king Ḫantili

CTH 656 Various festivals: songs in Hattian, Hurrian, Hittite etc.

CTH 657 Cultic Trip from Ḫattuša to Ankuwa

CTH 658 Cult restoration?

CTH 659 Fragments of an enthronement festival

CTH 660 Offerings to royal images

CTH 661 Royal lists

CTH 662 Offerings for local cults

CTH 663 Offerings with deity names at the beginning of the line

CTH 664 Fragments of divine lists (festivals?)

CTH 665 Festival fragments referring to the ašuša(tal)la- men -

CTH 666 Texts from the cult of Arinna

CTH 667 Texts from the cult of Zalpuwa

CTH 668 Texts from the cult of Ḫanḫana

CTH 669 Lager festival fragments

CTH 670 Festival fragments


CTH 671 Offering and prayer to the Storm-god of Nerik

CTH 672 Monthly festival at Nerik

CTH 673 “Tablet of forgiveness of the deities of Nerik”

CTH 674 Fragments of the purulliya- festival of Nerik

CTH 675 Fragments of the festival in the ḫešta- house

CTH 676 Fragments of a purifications ritual in Nerik

CTH 677 Ration lists (tarnatt-)

CTH 678 Festival fragments concerning the cult of Nerik

CTH 679 Festival of the journey to Nerik

CTH 680 unassigned


CTH 681 Festival of Karaḫna

CTH 682 Festival for the protective deities

CTH 683 Renewal of the hunting bag for the protective deities

CTH 684 Festival for the protective deities of the river

CTH 685 Fragments of festivals for the protective deities

CTH 686 unassigned

CTH 687 unassigned

CTH 688 unassigned

CTH 689 unassigned


CTH 690 List of festivals for Ḫuwaššanna

CTH 691 The witašš(ij)aš festival

CTH 692 Fragments of the witašš(ij)aš festival

CTH 693 The šaḫḫan festival

CTH 694 Fragments of festivals for Ḫuwaššanna


CTH 695 unassigned

CTH 696 unassigned

CTH 697 unassigned

CTH 698 Cults of Teššup and Ḫebat of Aleppo

CTH 699 Festival for Teššup and Ḫebat of Lawazantiya

CTH 700 Enthronement ritual for Teššup and Ḫebat

CTH 701 Drink offering for the throne of Ḫebat

CTH 702 Ritual after the renewal of a temple of Ḫebat

CTH 703 Rituals of Muwalanni, priest of Kummanni, for Teššup of Manuzziya

CTH 704 Lists of Hurrian Gods in festivals

CTH 705 Lists of Hurrian Gods in festivals

CTH 706 Fragments of festivals for Teššup and Ḫebat

CTH 707 unassigned

CTH 708 unassigned

CTH 709 šatlašša Festival


CTH 710 unassigned

CTH 711 Autumn festival for Ištar of Šamuḫa

CTH 712 Festival for Ištar of Šamuḫa

CTH 713 Ritual for Ištar of Tamininga

CTH 714 Festival for Ištar of Nineveh

CTH 715 Winter festival for Ištar of Nineveh

CTH 716 Ritual for Ištar of Nineveh

CTH 717 Ritual and hymn to Ištar

CTH 718 Ritual for Ištar-Pirinkir with recitations in Babylonian (pabilili)

CTH 719 Festival for Ištar, Ḫu(r)dumana, Aruna

CTH 720 Fragments of festivals for Ištar

CTH 721 Festival for Ištar of Mt. Amana

CTH 722 Festival for the Great Sea and the tarmana- Sea

CTH 723 unassigned

CTH 724 unassigned



CTH 725 Hattian-Hittite ritual for the consecration of a temple

CTH 726 Hattian-Hittite foundation ritual

CTH 727 Hattian-Hittite myth: “The moon that fell from heaven”

CTH 728 Hattian-Hittite bilingual incantation

CTH 729 Hattian-Hittite bilingual incantation

CTH 730 Hattian incantation of the moon and wind

CTH 731 Hattian-Hittite fragments

CTH 732 Ritual of Hutusi on a campaign

CTH 733 Invocation of Hattian deities: language of gods, language of men

CTH 734 Fragments of Hattian rituals or incantations

CTH 735 Hattian prayers or incantations

CTH 736 Song of the zintuḫi-women for the Sun-goddess

CTH 737 Festivals of Nerik (with Hattian recitations)

CTH 738 Festival for the goddess Tetešḫapi

CTH 739 Festivals of the city of Tuḫumiyara

CTH 740 Hattian litanies

CTH 741 Hattian songs of the women of Tiššaruliya

CTH 742 Hattian songs (SÌR)

CTH 743 Hattian antiphonal songs

CTH 744 Festival fragments with Hattian recitations

CTH 745 Hattian fragments

CTH 746 Hattian strophic songs

CTH 747 unassigned

CTH 748 unassigned

CTH 749 unassigned


CTH 750 Festival for Ziparwa

CTH 751 Festival for the Palaic pantheon – bread-, meat- and drink-offerings in Palaic

CTH 752 Festival for the Palaic pantheon – ritual for the disappearing and returning deity

CTH 753 Festival with Palaic recitations

CTH 754 Palaic fragments

CTH 755 unassigned


CTH 756 mugawar for the Storm-god of Zippalanda

CTH 757 Ritual of Zarpiya from Kizzuwatna against pest

CTH 758 Ritual of Puriyanni against impurity of a house

CTH 759 dupaduparša- ritual

CTH 760 The “great ritual” (šalli aniur) and dupaduparša- ritual

CTH 761 The “great ritual” (šalli aniur)

CTH 762 The “great ritual” (šalli aniur) and ḫalliyattanza- ritual

CTH 763 A Kizzuwatna Ritual of the Kuwattalla Tradition

CTH 764 Magic and myth: the neglected deity

CTH 765 Luwian incantations against illness

CTH 766 Luwian incantations of the Moon

CTH 767 Incantation fragments with Luwianisms

CTH 768 Luwian mythological fragments

CTH 769 Luwian letter fragment

CTH 770 Luwian ritual fragments

CTH 771 Tablet of Lallupiya (with Luwianisms)

CTH 772 Festival(ritual)s of Ištanuwa

CTH 773 Songs of Ištanuwa


CTH 774 Hurrian omens

CTH 775 Historical-mythological Hurrian texts

CTH 776 Mythological texts

CTH 777 Washing of the mouth ritual (idgaḫi-, itkalzi-) -

CTH 778 Fragments of the washing of the mouth ritual referring to Tašmišarri and Taduḫepa

CTH 779 Ritual of Ummaya

CTH 780 Ritual of Allaituraḫḫi

CTH 781 Fragments of the ritual of Allaituraḫḫi

CTH 782 Ritual of the goddess Išḫara against perjury

CTH 783 Medical ritual of Zelliya

CTH 784 Hurrian ritual for the royal couple

CTH 785 Ritual for Mt. Ḫazzi

CTH 786 Hurrian deity lists

CTH 787 Hurrian offering lists

CTH 788 Ritual of Šalašu

CTH 789 Song of release

CTH 790 Fragments of Hittite-Hurrian rituals and incantations

CTH 791 Hurrian fragments



CTH 792 Akkadian hymn to Šamaš

CTH 793 Incantation of Šamaš

CTH 794 Sumerian-Akkadian Hymn and Prayer

CTH 795 Fragments of Akkadian hymns

CTH 796 Akkadian mythological narrative?

CTH 797 unassigned

CTH 798 unassigned

CTH 799 unassigned


CTH 800 Sumerian incantations

CTH 801 Sumerian-Akkadian incantations

CTH 802 Ritual against impotence (type ŠÀ.ZI.GA)

CTH 803 Akkadian incantation (šumma amīlu kašip)

CTH 804 Akkadian incantation ana pišerti kišpī

CTH 805 Sumerian-Akkadian incantation UDUG.ḪUL.A.MEŠ

CTH 806 Incantations referring to AŠAR.LÚ.ḪI

CTH 807 Akkadian prism fragments

CTH 808 Akkadian medical texts with Hittite and Luwian glosses

CTH 809 Akkadian recipes against diseases of the eyes

CTH 810 Akkadian incantation “the Moon-god and the cow”

CTH 811 Akkadian recipe against fever

CTH 812 Akkadian incantations

CTH 813 Akkadian fragments


CTH 814 Akkadian wisdom texts

CTH 815 Akkadian list of seeds

CTH 816 Akkadian list of soldiers

CTH 817 Akkadian list of eponyms (līmu)

CTH 818 Akkadian list of prisoners

CTH 819 Akkadian fragments


CTH 820 Benedictions for Labarna

CTH 821 Kingship and divine authority

CTH 822 “Narrative of the merchants”

CTH 823 Fire ordeal

CTH 824 Itinerary fragments

CTH 825 Colophons

CTH 826 Tablet label: invocation in defective Hittite

CTH 827 Oracles in archaic language

CTH 828 Oracle inquiries

CTH 829 unassigned

CTH 830 unassigned

CTH 831 Fragments in an unknown or unidentifiable language

CTH 832 Hittite fragments with diverse content

CTH 833 Old Assyrian, primarily from kārum Ḫattuš

CTH 834 Offering provisions, pupil’s tablet?

CTH 835 Musical notation from Ugarit

CTH 1001 Egyptian inscription

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[complete liste] AbirattaAdadAdad-nīrārī I.AgniagreementAḫḫiyawaAkkadianAlakšanduAlašiyaAleppoAliḫešniAllaituraḫḫiAlliAlluwamnaaltassyrischAlziyamuwaAMA.DINGIR-LIMAmanaAmbazziAmenophis III.Amenophis IV.AmmaAmmiḫatnaAmmištamru II.AmmunaAmurruana pišerti kišpīAnittaAnkuwaAnnaannalsAnniwiyaniAnniyaAN.DAḪ.ŠUMSARanti-witchcraftAnum-ḪirbiAnziliapologyAppuAranzaḫArinnaArma-TarḫuntaArmajaArmazitiArnuwanda I.Arnuwanda II.ArunaArušnaArzakitiArzawaASAR.LÚ.ḪIAšduAšertuAšḫapalaAšḫellaAšmunikkalAssyriaašušala-ašušatalla-AtraduAtramḫaši (Atrahasīs)AttattaaugurautobiographyAyAyaAyataršaAziruAzziBaba-aḫ-iddinaBabylonBabyloniaBappiBargaBĒL MADGALTIBentešinabilingualbilingualbirthBronze Tabletcadastercannibalcolophoncult inventorycreation of humanityDaḫaDandankudecreedeity of the nightdepositionsDINGIR.GE6DINGIR.MAḪdreamsDUB.x.BIDUB.x.KAMDUMU-ašDUMU.LUGALdupaduparša-Duppi-TeššupDurmittaEaEchnatonedictedicteffeminacyEgyptEḫeyaEḫal-TeššubÉ NA₄KIŠIBElkunirsaÉ.NA₄Enuma Anu EnlileponymEuphratesevocationevocation ritualEZEN₄ ḫaššumašEZEN₄ ITUEZEN₄ nuntarriyašḫašEZEN₄ SAG.UŠfaminefestivalfieldsfounding documentfunerary ritualGaššuliyawiyaGilgamešGulšešGurparanzaḫḪalalazipaḫalliyattanzaḪalpaḪammurabiḪamrišḫaraḪanigalbatḪannaḫannaḪantiliḪantili I.Ḫantili II.ḪantitaššuḪapallaḫapiruḪarapšiliHaremhabḪašarriḪatiyaḪattarinahattischḪattušaḪattušili I.Ḫattušili III.ḪawarkinaḪayašaḪAZANNUḫazgaraiḪazziḪebatḪebatarakkiḪedammuḫekurḫešta-hieroglyphshippologyḪišmi-KušuḫḪiššašḫapaḫišuwa-historyhomosexualityhouse purification ritualḪudumanaḪukkanahuman sacrificeḪuranuḪurdumanaḪureyaḪurmaHurrian (language)HurriansḪutušiḪuwarluḪuwaššannaḪuzziya II.hymnDIBIbiranuidgaḫi-Ilī-ma-abīIlluyankaDIMIN.IMIN.BIInaraincantationIni-TeššupinquiriesinstructioninventoryIriyaIšḫaraIšmerigaIšputaḫšuIštanuwaIštarišuwaitineraryitkalzi-IyarriKadašman-Enlil II.Kadašman-TurgukanišiteKantuzziliKantuzzili the priestKaraḫnaKarkamiškārum ḪattušKaškaeansKataḫḫaKeššiKikkuliKI.LAMKINKizzuwatnaKuliwišnaKumarbiKummanniKuniyapiyaKunkuniyaKupanta-KuruntaKuruntaKuruštamaKuššarKuwaliyaKuwanniKuwattallalabelLaḫḫaLallupiyaKALDKALland donationlandscape descriptionLawazantiyalawsLazpalegendLelwaniletterLiḫzinalīmulistlistsliteratureloyalty oathLÚ.MEŠ DUGUDLÚ.MEŠ SAGLÚ.MEŠ UR.GI7Lupakki D10Luwian (language)MaddunaniMadduwattamagicMālaMalidunnaMammanantamān/INIMManapa-TarḫuntaManninniManuzziyaMariyaMašaMašḫuiluwaMaštiggaMatimedicinemelqētumemorandumLÚ.MEŠMEŠEDIMidaMilawandaMiraMitanniMittanamuwa“mother of the deity”mugawarMukišMUNUS.LUGALMuršili I.Muršili II.Muršili III.MUŠENMUŠEN ḪURRIMuwalanniMuwatalliMuwattalli I.Muwattalli II.mythmythologyNapteraNaram-SinNerikNešanetherworldNiḫriyaNIN.DINGIRNingalNinivehNiqmaddu II.Niqmaddu III.NiqmepanotationNuḫaššeoath, swearing ofomenoraclePabanegripabililiPaddatiššuPaḫḫuwaPalaicPallaPallariyaPariyawatraParnaššaPaškuwattiPazzupestPiḫaššaššiPiḫawalwiPilliyaPimpiraPirinkirPirwaPirwannuPiškurunuwaPiyamaraduplaguePleiadesprayerPuduḫepaPuḫanuPulišaPunaušḫapupil's tabletPupuwanniPuriyannipurulliya-Ramses IIration listsreportRes gestaeritualroyal listsriver ritualšaḫḫanŠaḫurunuwaŠalašusales contractšalli aniuršalliš waštaišSalmanassar IŠamašŠamuḫaŠapinuwaŠariššaŠarri-KušuḫŠarrumašar tamḫāriŠattiwazaŠaušgaŠaušgattiŠauškamuwaŠÀ.ZI.GAŠēḫaŠeḫuzziSemenchkarešena-Signalement lyriqueSÌRšiwanzanna-ŠiyannusnakesoulSUsubstitution ritualMUNUSŠU.GIŠulinkattiSumerianšumma amīlu kašipŠunaššuraŠuppiluliuma IŠuppiluliuma IIŠuššumanigaŠutaḫapšapSyriatabarnatablet catalogTaduḫepaTagi-ŠarrumaTaḫurwailiTakkupšataknaz da-Talmi-ŠarrummaTalmi-TeššupTamarmaraTaminingaTapalaTapalazunauliTarammekaTargašnalliTarḫundaraduTarḫuntapadduTarḫuntaššaTarḫuntiššatarmana-tarnatt-TarpataššiTašmišarriTattamaruTaurišaTaurus-crossingTawagalawaTawanannaTelipinuTelipinu the priesttestamentTeššupTetešḫapiTetteTiliuraTippuwaTiššaruliyaTitiwattiTittiuttitopographytreatyTutḫaliya ITutḫaliya IVTuḫumiyaraTūjaTukulti-Ninurta ITulbiTulpi-TeššupTunipTunnawiyaTutankhamunUdaUDUG.ḪUL.A.MEŠUgaritUgaritic (language)UḫḫamuwaUkkuraLÚ.MEŠUKU.UŠUllikummiUlmi-TeššupUmmajaUraDURAŠUra-TarḫuntaUrḫi-TeššupUršuUruwandavokabularyvowsWalkuiWalmuWatti(ti)WilušaWišuriyantwitaššašWiyanawantaYarim-LimYarriYozgatZalpaZalpuwaZarnizaZarpiyaZelliyaZidanza IINA₄ZI.KINZinkuruwaZintuḫizintuḫi-ZababaZiparwaZiplantawiyaZippalandaZiwanaZukkiZukrašiZuwaZuwi